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Wonderful piece! I would point out, as was mentioned on the Lowe Post, Vanderbuilt was as non-shooter as Gobert is, so spacing-wise there isn't much of a difference on offense. With just the upgrade on defense Wolves are pretty much a lock for the playoffs now, and the grand question is whether being a good screener and a lob threat is good enough on offense when the games count up to 7. IMO the issue in Utah was always their porous perimeter defense, and the wolves might just not have that problem.

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Thank you for your comment! There's nothing worse than having Lowe or a similar heavyweight weigh in immediately after you do ha, even though I had a feeling it was coming. The Vando point is a great one, although I don't think it's quite the same since Vanderbilt played 25 minutes per game and was an easy yank when they wanted spacing. Gobert will play more and be harder to replace. But yes, I agree 100% with your comment.

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